Many years ago, two Texas brothers from the small town of La Vernia, Rusty and Darrell, had a vision of starting a band. But they were always told it was an unreasonable dream and that they would never succeed.  One day Rusty decided to travel down that road, regardless of the outcome.  He bought an old guitar and an amp from a friend and began teaching himself how to play.  Before long, Darrell decided to start learning to play as well, and after a few months and another second-hand guitar purchase, the two-piece band was formed.  "I bought an old 4 string bass guitar from a pawn shop and learned how to play it." said Rusty, "Darrell and I used to sit out in the backyard on Saturday nights at our parent's house and play till our mom would get mad at us for being too loud". 
        After a few years of playing together, the duo decided to take the band to the next level and eventually brought in their good friend Hayden Krueger as a lead guitarist, who brought a much-needed level of skill to the band with his blues and southern rock influenced the style of playing.  Shortly afterward they ran into longtime friend Dalton Dennehy while picking guitars at a party who agreed to take over the bass for the band despite never playing one before. Quickly the band doubled in size, but still needed to find a drummer, which would prove to be arduous.  The band went through a handful of drummers that all ended up dropping out.  One, in particular, had a decent practice studio set up in his garage, and despite the fact that he lived on the other side of San Antonio, his garage had air conditioning, and so the band would make the hour drive across town to practice on Sunday afternoons one summer.  Since the drive was long, they would all meet up at Rusty and Darrell's house, and ride together.  However, they were usually always mending hangovers from the previous night's events and found themselves waiting for hours on Hayden to show up, causing them to never be on time.  After jokingly replying "Waitin' on Hayden" when asked several times what they were waiting on, the band decided that phrase could be a genuine and unique name for the group. Thus, the first form of Waitin' on Hayden was truely born.
        The band eventually ended up once again without a drummer.  Luckily, the remaining four happened to know a friend by the name of Doug Lewis, a drummer who hadn't been in a touring band in over three years.  He was looking to rejoin a band and after a Sunday afternoon tryout jam session the band, Doug joined as the new full-time drummer. Once again, the band was complete.

        The good times didn't last long.  One evening during a live practice session, they ran into an issue with the terribly underpowered budget PA system they used.  With a lack of experience and an abundance of a drive, they pushed the budget system past its limits and ended up losing the entire rig.  Their friend, Ben Stanush witnessed the disaster and offered a reasonable solution to the problem.  The band managed to round up donors from the community to help fund a suitable system, and with Ben having enough knowledge at the time to properly run everything, the band had finally found someone to sculpt their sound for live performances. As the band started getting more busy with playing shows, it had become a hassle to keep up with marketing.  After a sit-in with another good friend Dariel Raygoza, during a studio session one weekend with a go-pro camera recording behind the scenes action, the band decided to bring him in for social media marketing. 
       With months of trial and error practice, the band Waitin' On Hayden had become a local favorite, playing at several venues and events in the area. On November 18th, 2016, the band released it's first full-length studio album titled "Doin' What We Do". The release of the album set in motion a new tour of performances at venues all over the state of Texas. The gears all seemed to be in motion and things were looking up for the new band.

      "In this business, success and failure are relative."  The band would come to learn this lesson well as for the uncouth time, the band would find itself in need of another drummer as well as a bass player.  The trio realized they had a few shows still booked in 2017 where they don't have a rythmn section.  In the frantic search that felt oddly familiar to the now Trio of Hayden, Darrell, and Rusty, they scrambled through a handful of bass players before finding an unlikely fill in from another band.   His name is JK Kollodziej and he quickly proved his ability and showed to the band that change can often bring good.  This fill in would come to play full time with Waitin' on Hayden. 

       Not only did they find the new bass player, but within one show of eachother the band found yet another drummer.  Troy Stone has big shoes to fill as his older brother plays in a large well known band and his father has played in several bands throughout his career.  Troy, with such strong musical exposure, proved to be yet another welcoming change to the band and the group would once again become complete.  Yet, due to the short timeframe that this new rythmn section was hired in, the new lineup would have to play it's first show together unrehearsed.

       With the first show being played unrehearsed with the new rythmn section, an unknown audience member would be watching and impressed with the level of talent portrayed by the group despite the lack of rehearsal.  Brought to the show by Darrell's then roomate and good friend of the band, Dylan King who also played harmonica and vocals for the group, AJ Hoffmann would unknowingly about to become the band's newest member.  During the after party on the front porch of Darrell and Dylan's College Station appartment, a porch where many songs were written, then guitar player AJ would prove his ability on fiddle by learning one of the band's songs - Lonesome Road.  Within only a few minutes,  he played the song back to the band on that porch.  Imediately after the security guard left asked everyone to keep it down, a Layne's reciept contract was drafted and AJ would become the fiddle player for the band.  Now a sizable band of 6, the new band once again found themselves on the upswing as more shows were being added to the books.  

       Almost predictably, things turned south again when the sound man Ben quit and posed another challenge to the band.  He took much of his personal equipment with him and the band found themselves once again in need of a sound system.  With the ground gained, the band used up all its funds till that point and on loan from family bought a new rig that would give the band a new level of control over it's sound that was not attainable with the last system. 

       With this new band of 6 having more heads working in the same direction,  such stumbling blocks would begin to feel easier to surmount.  However, the obstacles and challenges faced are only still only reletive and the band would find itself up against greater challenges.  With their newfound talent and sound, Waitin' on Hayden would begin work on it's next big project that winter.  A project that is planned to take considerable time and effort to get just right and to propel the band to greater heights in search of greater challenges.  This new album to be titled One Day represents the trials the band has faced thus far and the dream that the two brothers had long ago.  A dream that became a reality and that has since evolved in the face of the reletive success the young brothers would see today. 

       And that dream is...  

Hayden Krueger

Previous founder of the failed punk rock band Squirrels on Ritalin, he toured in the early 90's until lead singer of the group Tareyl Shaws died of cocaine overdose in 1993.  Hayden then found himself on a drinking binge for the next 11 years until he reawoke to a seemingly new life.  Now he claims to be in his early 20s and plays lead guitar for the name sake of his new band.

Darrell Gibbons

​​Sagitarius, enjoys long walks on the beach, deep restful meditation, bi-kama sutra, and salad wraps.  Always stressfully concerned about his hair.

Rusty Shackleford

Co-founder of the band Squirrels on Ritalin, Rusty first picked up the guitar at 3 months old.  He set it down for the first time at 12 years old because he needed 2 hands for intercourse.  His close relationship with his instrument has been off and on since as he cheated on his guitar with a pedal steel named ZumSteel

Jonathan "JK" "Scooter" Kolodiejzi

Ex heroin addict now booger-sugar addict, JK is the most sane member of the band who is not afraid to talk about his troubled past.  He enjoys compulsively lying and planting seeds of mistrust to one day tear the band apart he loves so.

Troy Stone

Pheraps the most interesting thing in Mr Stone's life is not being the drummer for Waitin' on Hayden, or his escape from a Vietnam prison cell on the isolated island of Kobyashi, but his ability to accurately gauge dick length or bust size and a person's favorite sex position perfectly within 5 minutes of meeting. 

AJ Hoffmann

Once tried walking on water, then realized he wasn't actually Jesus despite his apperance.  Went into spiralling depression and was saved by the Budha who told him to play fiddle.  Spends his time in group meditative sex sessions or masturbaiting.